Monday, June 05, 2006

Cutout Clutch

I recently made a dress for an upcoming event, and decided that I needed a clutch to go with it. I was inspired by the cutout handle bags I've been seeing around.

Measurements: 12 inches wide (bottom), 7 inches tall
Materials: vintage floral fabric from JoAnn's, cream jersey knit, button, elastic
Time: About an hour and a half

The image above shows me holding the clutch.

I created my own pattern, it was very simple to make. Its almost a rectangle shape, but the bottom corners are curved and the sides go inward a little as they go up towards the top. The clutch is lined and has hidden stitching. The only stitching you can see is the stitching around the openings on each side of the bag.
The image to the right shows the elastic button strap and the inside.

The clutch holds basic items that you would want to carry around with you, such as your wallet, makeup and phone. All four pieces (the two lining and two exterior) have interfacing, so that the clutch can still hold its shape once it has items in it. Of course, the clutch doesnt have a zipper so it can't completely keep the items from falling out, but the button closure prevents most, unless you tip the clutch over completely.
The image below is just another view of the front, with items peeking out.

I'm very happy with this clutch, and I plan on making more, next time with piping going around the edging of it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why Make A Blog?

I decided to give in and make a blog of my own to post my creations. I love to sew - I just started about a year ago when I first got my sewing machine. Now that school is out, I plan on crafting a lot - and this is where I will be posting the items I make. I make purses, clutches, stuffies, clothing, and random items. I'd love to hear feedback from anyone - and if you'd like help with a pattern or directions on something you see on here in the future feel free to ask.